7 Things to Remember While Flying an RC Helicopter

Flying a remote-controlled helicopter is truly a fabulous experience. The excitement and a sense of power that the person flying the helicopter feels is something beyond words. It’s also one of those fun activities that you’d like to indulge in. Whatever your age, you’d certainly derive great pleasure from flying an RC (remote-controlled) helicopter.

There are several models available today and the real challenge lies in choosing the one that’s right for you. If you’re a beginner, you’ll certainly need some advice on what model to choose. Here, we’ve tried to help you out with some tips to choose a suitable RC helicopter:

1. Follow the local regulations on RC helicopters

You might think that a particular spot is ideal for flying a remote-controlled helicopter. However, you must not arrive at such a decision without knowing the local regulations. Different countries and cities in the world have their own rules about how and where to fly such helicopters. You must be extremely careful not to fly one in a crowded space or a private area.

2. Ascertain the space required

You must always have the right amount of space for flying an RC helicopter. Make sure that you have a clear area where there are less or no obstacles. This would take away your worries about flying the helicopter into houses, trees, or plants. Generally, it’s always good for beginners to have a higher visibility.

3. Know how your remote control works

Your remote control is called so for a reason. As you’re the one remote controlling the helicopter, you’ll need to be familiar how each of its button works. Every button on the remote control performs a particular function. Once you’re familiar with the helicopter’s remote control, flying it would be a breeze.

4. Practice more

Once you know how the remote control works and the functions performed by its buttons, get some practice. It’s practice what makes one perfect. You can begin your practice by performing some basic movements. This must be done before taking your RC helicopter out into the open.

5. Be well-versed with your helicopter

Every model of RC helicopters is different from the other. Some of them might have a 5-minute length of autonomy. Many others might have one lasting up to half an hour. The length of autonomy varies greatly from one model of RC helicopter to another. This variation affects how you can control your helicopter. You must also take into account the battery level before flying the device.

6. Start small

Your expertise in flying an RC helicopter is not about the size of the device. It’s always harder to control a large helicopter. It is, therefore, always better to begin with a smaller model. You can always find smaller models of RC helicopters that have greater durability.

If you’re unable to control the device and it comes crashing down, you won’t have to worry. The chances of damages and injuries are far less with smaller models.

7. Always maintain your calm

Some unexpected events like a sudden gust of wind might cause you to panic while flying the device. As a result, you might lose control quite easily. You’ll have a better control on the device and its remote control if you stay calm. A lot of things can be under your control if you maintain your calm at all times.