The Process of Cleaning Your RC Helicopter

If you’re an RC pilot, there are some important things that you must do. You need to do them before taking your remote-controlled chopper to the sky. One of these things is the right maintenance of the helicopter; this includes cleaning. Of course, to operate such helicopters, you don’t have to be a mechanic. However, you certainly need to do some amount of work to keep your RC helicopter in flying order.

If you somehow avoid this, you’ll have to deal with the damages to your chopper later on. The damages may be so serious that you’ll even have to replace your helicopter entirely. Here, we have some good news for you. The maintenance of an RC helicopter is quite simple and mostly involves the cleaning work.

Misconceptions about cleaning an RC helicopter

You might think that cleaning an RC helicopter is a painful task. The thought might also surface in your mind that the effort is not worth it. It’ll be a mistake to think this way. Cleaning these helicopters is pretty much worth the effort and time that you invest in it. Improper and infrequent maintenance can lead these helicopters towards a catastrophic failure.

Your RC helicopter will come crashing down if this failure happens mid-flight. If such an incident occurs, then you’ll find yourself shopping for a new one. There is one more aspect of an RC helicopter that you need to keep in mind. You don’t really need to take much effort to clean it in a proper manner.

Basic cleaning

Basic cleaning of these helicopters is very simple. You must do the cleaning before as well as after every flight. For this, you must first get a rag and your glass cleaner. Rub your RC helicopter thoroughly from the top to its bottom. Don’t forget to clean the blade and the body while doing so.

In case of standard cleaning, there’s one thing you must look out for. Don’t spray an electronic component directly using your glass cleaner. If you somehow spray it, dry the affected area carefully. Avoid operating the helicopter for the next 24 hours. There are two significant advantages that you can have with the cleaning of your RC helicopter.

First, you’ll obviously give your helicopter a clean and fabulous look. Second, you’ll be able to find out mechanical issues before they get worse. With the simple cleaning of your RC helicopter, you’ll avoid a potential disaster.

Thorough cleansing

Sometimes, you get the feeling that your helicopter needs a more thorough cleaning. Well, a thorough clean is not so different from a basic one. Instead of using your window cleaner, you must think of a better way to do this. Find a quick solution that will make it easier for you to perform a through clean.

Mix your cleaning solution with denatured alcohol. One part of the mixture must be this alcohol and the other must be window cleaner. You’ll see that this mixture is extremely effective in cleaning your RC helicopter thoroughly. Using this cleaning solution, give your helicopter a normal wipe down. Take your time to pick up the swabs.

This will enable you to clean the spots that are hard to reach. You’ll find that the swab cleans those difficult places quite easily. It should not take more than twenty minutes to perform a thorough clean on your helicopter. The final time, of course, will ultimately depend on your RC helicopter’s size.