3 Types of RC Helicopters You Must Know

There are many who wish to learn how to fly an RC helicopter. However, when it comes to choosing one, they get into a state of confusion. There are many types of rc helicopter. We highly recommend that you pick a hobby grade RC helicopter if you’re a beginner. Of course, you can buy a toy grade helicopter a lot cheaper, but it won’t be a decent one.

Besides, you’d want a flyable RC helicopter that lasts for years. Toy grade choppers can be of 2-channel to 3-channel range. The 2-channel toy grade helicopters come with a throttle and rudder. The 3-channel ones have throttle, rudder, and elevator.

You’ll find that the toy grade helicopters lack a swash-plate. It’s an essential component of an RC helicopter, which directs the rotor blade. This gives the flier more directional control. Here we’ve explained three different types of RC helicopters you must know before you buy one and start practicing:

1. Coaxial

These RC helicopters come with two rotors located at the top. Both these rotors rotate in the opposite direction. This produces a spinning effect on the main body of the copter. The remote-controlled choppers that come under the category of coaxial helicopters don’t require a tail rotor. Among the several types of flying RC helicopters available today, these are the most stable ones.

They’re easy to fly and not so reactive to control inputs, which make them ideal for beginners. Such choppers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor fliers. You can get the coaxial choppers in the size ranges from small to medium. These helicopters are low-cost and can be easy to repair. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that they can’t perform aerobatics. They’re also bad at flying during the windy conditions.

2. Fixed Pitch

They’re the best types of RC helicopters for intermediates. Fixed pitch choppers are a level above coaxial helicopters with regards to difficulty. They have only one rotor located at the top. One can also categorize most of the coaxial helicopters as fixed pitch. The use of this term comes up often while talking about choppers that have a tail rotor. It’s necessary to balance for the torque reaction.

In such type of RC helicopters, the angle or pitch of attack of the rotors doesn’t change. The amount of lift in fixed pitch helicopters is proportional to the amount of rotation of the motors. Higher the throttle or rotation, greater is the lift. Such helicopters are available in small to medium sizes. One can fly these helicopters indoors or outdoors.

3. Collective Pitch

Collective pitch RC helicopters are the best for advanced fliers. If you’ve got some experience in flying RC helicopters, you might want to buy collective pitch choppers. They don’t produce the lift by stepping up the throttle. Rather, you need to vary the pitch or angle of attack of the rotor blades. This is what increases or decreases the altitude in the collective pitch helicopters.

In these type of choppers, the rotor blade’s spinning speed has nothing to do with the lift. As a result, the control inputs get a snappy reaction. It is necessary for advanced maneuvers, such as tic-tock and inverted flying. The collective pitch helicopters are sporty, extremely aerobatic, and can fly even in conditions of wind. The downside is that they are quite pricey and the hardest to master.