3 Big Casinos of Vegas That Had Helipads Earlier

Las Vegas is one of the biggest places for gambling in the world. Although Macau and Singapore is giving the city some competition, it hasn’t lost its charm. Many VIP gamblers still visit this ‘Sin City’. VIPs means high net value individuals landing on casino helipads. In recent times, Vegas offers more than just gambling. The city’s casino hotels and resorts host scores of entertaining events every year. Vegas constantly tries to reinvent itself to make it more attractive in many ways.

One can’t ignore the fact that high-rollers come to play big. They can afford every piece of entertainment that the city offers. Besides this, they’re also after the big stakes. However, the online casinos have also emerged as one of its biggest competitors.

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There are some wealthy gamblers who still prefer to visit a casino establishment. They sit at a table and bet large amounts that many could never earn even if they worked for a lifetime. For these VIPs, time is money. This is why they mostly travel by a helicopter. They take to the skies and land at their desired casino in style. We’ve learned that some of the top casinos of Las Vegas used to have helipads. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Mandalay Resorts Group once had an owner who installed a helipad. It was on the Excalibur Hotel and Casino’s roof on its south-east corner. The intention was to use it for the owner’s personal use and convenience. This was certainly an unwise move. The decision to bring down the helipad was the result of a request from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Employees of this casino hotel say that no helicopters fly there anymore.

2. Circus Circus casino helipad

This is the world’s largest permanent big top. It started operating in the year 1968. About eleven years later, it activated a heliport at the place where its indoor amusement park currently stands. The name of this amusement park is Adventuredome. Many are of the opinion that this was for the marketing director Mel Larson, who was a pilot.

Although there’s no evidence that the heliport is still operational, the FAA shows it as active. Many believe that the intention of building the heliport in 1993 was to create parking lots. Phil Ruffin, a wealthy businessman, bought the entire complex recently.

3. Stardust Casino and Hacienda Casino

It’s quite unfortunate that none of these venues exist today. The Stardust began its operations in 1958. It closed in 2006 after 48 years of its run. It was brought down with the help of implosion a few months after it shut down. Hacienda had an even shorter lifespan. It had made its debut two years before Stardust, but closed ten years before it. It’s now rests under the Mandalay Bay’s south-east wing.