3.40 Firmware and Software Released

3.40 Firmware and Software Released

Firmware Rev 3.40 is up!

We’ve posted rev 3.40 PC setup software and 3.40 firmware for the SK-540 and SK-720. The first step is to install the new PC software .

Note that new firmware for the SK-LCD is not yet up.


* The bug in the SK720’s self-level mode selection is fixed
* The governor is improved, and some bugs fixed
* The governor should now work without the blades on the heli
* The governor has a bail-out mode (details below)
* The SK-GPS recovery is more aggressive, and after recovery altitude-slew is disabled so the pilot doesn’t have to center the stick a few seconds after rescue.
* For helis with an elevator-nodding problem, it should be much reduced (goblins, trex 500’s, etc)
* The starting heli setups are edited, based on advice from our team pilots

Using the governor bail out mode:

* Set your throttle range as per normal, so with throttle hold off, you get 0 to 100% displayed in the Throttle channel under “inputs from receiver”.
* Now set throttle hold to display -10% or less.
* If you start with your radio putting out a throttle value of around 0% (collective stick down, idle up N, throttle hold off), then you should get a normal spool up.
* But if the governor has seen positive RPM in the last 30s, and you release throttle hold while in idle-up (radio’s throttle above zero), then you get a much faster spool up.
* Short version: Set throttle hold to -10% or less, and always spool up for take off from idle-up N, throttle hold off.

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