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SK-720 Black Editions now available for preorder at Skookum Direct!

We have a limited run of 15 SK-720 Black Editions available for preorder from Skookum Direct. The rest are headed out to our dealers, so be sure to have a look for the nearest one to you as well!

SK-GPS Modules are available as well, and will ship the same day as the Black Edition. Get yours before they’re all gone again!

SK-GPS Manual Update

Rev 1.01 of the SK-GPS manual is now online. Major changes include setting the Go Home position with v. 3.30 SK-720 firmware.

The 2nd batch of SK-GPS modules will be shipping this week and next as well, get yours while you still can!

SK540 Rev 3.31 Now Available

Rev. 3.31 firmware is now available for the SK540. This rev includeds a fix for a setup mode bug and further improvements to the governor.

This firmware is for the SK540 only, and doesn’t need a software update – just click Update from the Utilities menu.

SK-GPS 2nd Production Run now available for preorder!

The next batch of the SK-GPS is now on its way, customers can now reserve theirs at Skookum Direct or with any of our dealers!

SK-GPS Software Now Available

The latest software installer (Rev 3.30) is now available here. This includes the setup software for the SK-GPS.

The final rev of the SK-GPS manual is also now available, and can be found here.

The 3.30 software will allow you to update your SK-720, SK-540, and SK-LCD to the latest firmware rev.

There are a good number of small changes and bug fixes, but the main changes are:

* Support for the SK-GPS
* Improvements to the governor

If you have an SK-540 and an SK-720, you will need to update both, because the setup format has changed. The software will auto-update your setup though.

There are also have a list of work-in-progress items we expect to get out in the near future, in terms of general bug fixes, 3D performance, and further improvements to the GPS.

SK-GPS Preorder Deliveries

Preordered SK-GPS modules are shipping today and Monday! Half of preorder customers will receive tracking numbers today and the rest will be out the door Monday. Orders to dealers will ship throughout the week.

This has been a long time coming, and here at Skookum we would like to thank our loyal customers. We’re looking forward to continuing to provide the highest quality products we can, and for all of you to continue enjoying them.

SK-GPS Manual Now Available

We’ve uploaded the final draft of the SK-GPS’ setup guide here.  Some minor changes may be made in the next week, but you can now read up on the essentials of setting up and using the SK-GPS.

SK-GPS Preorder Delay

Notice to SK-GPS preorder customers:

We are now including a tri-colour superbright EX-LED to display the GPS’s status from a distance, and we have decided to delay shipping rather than not include this part. The SK-GPS will also be shipping with an improved anti-vibration kit.

We sincerely apologize for delaying so close to our shipping date, but until today we were expecting parts to arrive and orders to ship on January 1st. We expect everything to be in order within 2 weeks or so.

SK-GPS Preorder and Teaser

Preorders for the SK-GPS will be available starting today!  We have a limited stock (25 modules) at Skookum Direct, the rest are headed to our dealers.  We expect the first production run won’t last long, so get your order in while you still can! For the first run we’re also including free shipping within North America and discounted shipping to Europe and Asia. Estimated ship dates are January 1st, 2013.
We’ve also got a teaser video from both single rotor and quadcopter development, enjoy!



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Team Skookum Pilot Setups

Ever wonder how the pilots from the Skookum team set up their SK540s? We’ve posted setups from Eitan, Alvin and Asaf in the Pilots page.

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